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Last additions 05/18/06

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My wife slipped up once and said it was smaller than her ex-boyfriends I have to talk her into giving me head and my penis keeps cumming out of her during sex. hard my penis is 5.25.  BK

Not even worth laughing at. Next time draw a smiley face on it and give me something worth looking at.


Sorry Steve you don't qualify as a Teenie Tiny Weenie - but maybe as a pathetic dick boy.

Matt says he is a 20 yr old virgin. says the only girl to have seen his cock laughed in his face. Mothers should really treat their son's with a little more respect don't you think?

He calls this his "BIG SAUSAGE" I don't think so... maybe a beanie weenie!


Yes Little Toy you pass the test. Not only are you a little dick boy looks like you are also a panty boy!l. Now what is up with that ring?



I love my little dick boys in their panties



That's right Mat... Handle it with care!

Adam passes the TPR test!


This guy is a little into his little dickey... Send all these pictures to show off his pathetic member and then writes below:

Look close - What is he doing with Extra large condoms?

The dudes that post on your site are wimps! They only wish they had a cock like mine! Notice how it almost takes up the whole ruler! See how it's girth fills most of the TP roll! I know a couple of my soft pics are under 2.0" but that was shriveled after a workout....any cock can shrivel into almost nothing after running or swimming! Notice how I take up almost the whole length of a pop can too. Yeah in that one that's right that's a Magnum next to me, only thing that will fit comfortably. That's right I'm uncut, notice in that one pic I take up the whole length of the TP roll when the skin's pulled back. Just because I'm uncut doesn't mean it can't look like any other cut dick....only better!
Well, show these to your wimp tiny dick dudes that post at that site, I bet they'll like them 'cause their dicks will look small compared to mine! Losers!!!!




They even grow them small in Toronto!

Rob T.




This is my Sissy Boy Mike who loves it when I degrade and humiliate him.


 <------------This is what he has!

This is what he wants! ------------------->



Mr. Piggle Wiggly



Keep the pictures coming guys... be sure to give me permission to post them here.

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