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See there are some beautiful women out there that don't mind being seen with a TTW!


Where is the measuring tape?

I wonder if his ad was successful!

Looks like the only way to keep it stiff is to hold it!

Wait... I think I see something!

Not exactly a TTW but check out those cute panties!


Looks like it was time to call me!


I saw your site and I was so aroused.  I know that does not mean much in my
case, but I love to be humiliated.

Could I please anyone?

I recently saw your web sight and i cant wait to call you.  I also saw on your sight for all of us little dicked guys to send you pics of our dicks so here are a couple.

Here is a pic of my pathetic little dick..   My girlfriend prefers anal to regular fucking because she can't feel much with this clit.....  when it is hard it is 3".


Humm the first set of pictures he sent me, he said were to small. So he sent me these "BIGGER" pictures. Let me tell you something... it doesn't matter how close you get to the camera your dick is still small... either that or you have big balls!


Humm baby... not exactly my definition of a tennie tiny weenie but still a good specimen of a pathetic dick. Call me and I'll put you in touch with LuLu's sister!

But thanks for the "TP-Roll Test" video.. it was great.  Anyone want to see it email me!






Keep the pictures coming guys... be sure to give me permission to post them here.

Email me at: MissTracy4u2serve@yahoo.com

Call Miss Tracy at 888-307-3141

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