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Miss Tracy has become my pimp. I told her about my pee pee and how I was
always amazed at pics on the internet of huge black cocks. She told me
how it felt to suck one of those cocks, and it made me so hot. She would
o let me touch my dicklet for fear that I would cum.

She convinced me to go a local adult bookstore near a large factory that
had gloryholes. I was nervous, but Tracy had told me I had to suck as
many black cocks as I could. I ended up being gag fucked by five huge
black cocks. It was unbelievably hot and my first non-experience in my

When I got back, I called Tracy as she ordered. She mind-fucked me SO
well, that I came three times in a row I was so grateful to her, that I
paid her $20 for each cock I sucked off, and agreed to pay her $20 for
each black cock I sucked after that. Now, when my pimp needs money, she
calls me and sends me on my way.

RW - 11/14/03





Mistress Tracy,
Forgive me for taking your time.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Verbal humiliation of my tiny, worthless dick and small but sperm filled testicles and forced
sperm consumption. I LOVE YOU!!
I am totally unworthy of ANY attention you deign to give me. But I
had to tell you that I am completely at your mercy. I only desire to please you, even if that
means your will force me to swallow my own sperm, or swallowing the sperm from another
man. I only wish to please and excite you.
I am white, stand 5ft 10in tall, weight 190lbs, am in pretty good shape, I am slightly balding
and have a pathetic 4 inch dick.
I know what I desire is irrelevant to you, but since my Mistress asked for my fantasy here
it is.
I ONLY WISH TO PLEASE YOU MISTRESS. I desire to be completely and totally dominated
by you. I desire to be in your complete control. I desire to be verbally humiliated by you
because of my tiny little dick. I desire to please you as you are humiliating me because of
my agonizingly small dick. I desire to please you as you laugh at me and point your finger
at the smallest, most worthless little dick you have ever seen. Then, whenever you desire,
and whenever it will please you most, I will with GREAT JOY AND PLEASURE ejaculate
my sperm for your pleasure anywhere YOU wish. And if it is your desire for your own
pleasure to further humiliate me by making me ejaculate my sperm into my own mouth for
me to swallow right before your eyes, I will do so with immense and great pleasure in knowing
that I am pleasing my Mistress. I WILL SWALLOW MY SPERM FOR YOU. I will do
ANYTHING for you my Mistress,
Loyally your and in your servitude,

Dear Miss T,

I want to thank You for letting me chat with You this morning. Thank You
for allowing me to squirt my pathetic little load for You. LOL. After I got
off the phone with you, I called my Mistress/Trainer and told her about my
call. She made me squirt my goo too. She would be happy to take a pic of
my pencil dick for you and have me send it in. It just may take awhile to
get back over to Her to have Her take it. After I talked with Her, She had
me call a girl that I have gone out with a couple of times, and who is in
training to become a Dominatrix (hopefully mine), and tell Her about the
conversation I had with You. She thought it was absolutely hilarious, and I
thought She would never stop laughing. Thank You so much for setting off a
wonderful chain reaction. I hope to get the pic to You fairly soon, so that
You and Your coffee house gang can critique my penis, or lack of one. LOL.

Just remember it is like a penis, only smaller. :)

Thank you,




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Miss Tracy!






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